The Formula 1 British Grand Prix Set to be a Wet One

Could the weather and a controversial pit lane entry ruin Silverstone?

7 July 2011

We’re mere days away from the most exciting race of the Formula 1 Championship but that’s my mere humble opinion.

It has come to the attention of this avid Formula 1 fan that a possible error in the design of the pit lane entry could yield faster lap times than sticking to the actual circuit. Now this isn’t the first track to fall victim to such a design hiccup, so all the relevant rules and regulations should already be in place for penalising anyone that attempts to utilise such a shortcut. With the pit lane in mind we can also take a look at the case of the pit lane exit. When the whole pit lane was redesigned it was made level relative with the buildings instead of relative with the track, because as the pit lane goes further down the track rises up above it into a hill. This means there’s a pretty steep exit straight into a fast corner. Add into the mix the possibility of a very wet weekend, there’s a chance that things could quickly degrade and we might be left with another Canadian-esque epic on our hands.