The FIA are coming down hard on F1 engine mappings

No more qualifying set-ups for Formula 1 cars says FIA

21 June 2011

In a move that has likely put Renault between a rock a hard place we will be seeing no more of the so called ‘Qualifying Set-ups’ in Formula 1.

Essentially what we have been witnessing for the majority of the races so far this season are different car set-ups. The engine mappings currently allowed teams to continue burning fuel even after the driver had lifted fully off the throttle; this enabled the engine to continue to produce a high amount of exhaust gases with which could be used in conjunction with the blown diffuser to create extra downforce even in the corners. Could this be where Renault has been getting so much of their advantages thus far? Maybe that is why they are in such a state about having it taken away? With this engine mapping revision coming into effect for the European Grand Prix we’ll be able to see if it really makes that much difference for the Renault based cars. The FIA have also announced further technical restrictions to come into effect at the British Grand Prix haven’t released any word about what those might be.