The FIA agree on new engine regulations for 2014

So what do we think about the new engines for F1?

1 July 2011

The FIA came to meet and discuss a proposal for changing the Formula 1 engines to a smaller and more environmentally friendly unit.

The concept for this idea was pretty sound from the perspective of the governing body who are trying to make steps in reducing the environmental impact of F1 cars with an agenda of also using technology that could be easily transferable to road production cars. What the FIA didn’t think about was the people who are involved with F1, including but not limited to the teams, spectators, drivers and engineers. All of whom made it quite clear that to take away from the sport what makes it so iconic would be borderline criminal.

Out with the old and in with the new

The original plan was to change the engine size from a 2.4 V8 down to a 1.6 V4. The rev-limit was to be reduced from 18,000rpm to 12,000rpm. These changes have since been overturned and we will be seeing the introduction of 1.6 V6 turbo-powered engine units. The rev-limit will still take a drop to 15,000rpm but the hope is it will still retain that blood-curdling noise to put any motorsports fan in paradise. So we have our new rules but what does everyone think about it?