The Best Go Karting Events In The World

The Best Go Karting Events In The World

20 August 2015

I could not be happier. The world of International go karting has never been so good. Each year the boundaries are being pushed further and further, with more emphasis being placed on the experience of go karting as well as the sheer speed of the karts themselves. This got me thinking; what are some of the best places to race around the world? More importantly, what are the best events being held all over the globe?

CRFKC – Mosport, Canada

Across the pond, at one of the biggest outdoor tracks in the world (and best tracks in the Americas) are the CRFKC or the Champion Ron Fellows Karting Champions. Not only is the CRFKC one of the toughest races on the planet for racers, it takes place in the beautiful Ontario countryside, making the race truly one to remember.

GKCSA – South Australia

South Australia poses a challenge for racers at the best of times. The dust, the heat, the beating down sun – each can cause trouble for karters. For those with the endurance, South Australia offers one of the greatest challenges for any karter. The best racers in the country come together for a state championship, to prove who is the best once and for all. It is not for the faint of heart.

Endurance Racing – Dubai Autodrome, UAE

The Dubai Autodrome is one of the finest go karting tracks in the world. Mixing pro, semi-pro, and corporate teams, the Autodrome caters to 12 and 24 hour races to show off the best in endurance racing. The race consists of 600 laps, or 700 kilometers. That is approximately 435 miles of hardcore racing action. 

IKR Championship – Lydd Kart, England

One of the best amateur championships in the entirety of the world, the Lydd Kart circuit offers over 1000 meters of outdoor track.  Some of the best karters in the world have raced at Lydd Kart’s track making it a superb course for amateurs and pros alike. The IKR reflects that.

Kart Champs

Now I may be a little biased but I can finally announce that the Grand Final held at TeamSport Reading is not too far away! For all of the round 2 qualifiers that get to race over August in the Track Attack rounds to try and claim their free place in the Grand Finals at the end of August and throughout September the competition is heating up! Keep an eye out Reading, you will not want to miss this.

Each and every year more and more tracks and championships can be added to the list. It’s fantastic. I’ll be watching the events closely and will keep you up to speed with what’s hot on the race track in the coming months.