TeamSport comes to the iTunes App Store with Kart Fighter

Red Bull Kart Fighter in association with TeamSport

12 July 2011

That’s right folks; get your iPhones, iPads, and IPods out to download the latest and greatest in mobile Karting entertainment.

With the recent release of the Red Bull Kart Fighter App you can unleash your karting madness on the move where-ever you go (we do, however, highly advise you NOT to play said App while actually in control of a real Go-Kart.) The App developed in association with TeamSport drives the initiative to have a chance to win tickets to the Red Bull Speed Jam. There are also modes that enable you to play head to head with your mates or develop a career mode by yourself and become your own racing hero. The game takes a retro orthogonal overview of the kart track, much in the same way as micro-machines with the handling of the kart being quite difficult if you over-steer. Playing through it I can honestly say it was well worth the time to download and best of all it’s free so I wasn’t disappointed in any sense of the word. So get on iTunes and give it a look-up it won’t let you down and it will serve you with hours of fun.