Team Sport Championship talks?

Could it be true?

4 May 2010

I was over at HQ this morning getting some new tyres for a Kart I may, or may not, have driven at Andover this weekend

(come on, you cant keep a Bruce caged up all the time!) and over heard the guys talking about a Team Sport Championship!! Now, as soon as i stepped into the room they went all quiet, its like they think they cant trust me to keep quiet about these things?! But what  i did hear was that whatever format it is going to take it starts 'summer' and will cover all 7 Team Sport centres! I even heard talk about the Festival of Speed and the British grand prix? i wonder what that was about? This is so exciting! If it all sounds like i think it sounds you lot get some practice in as the chance to race against the best Karters in the country could be just round the corner! I will keep my ear to the ground (door) and bring you more info as i hear it! Be sure to read my TwitterFacebook or Myspace to be the first to hear the latest on this. If there is anything to report i will fight to make sure you hear it here first!