Swinging Sixties for Chelsea AutoLegends

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Sixties supercars swing to Chelsea Autolegend event

25 May 2011

Chelsea AutoLegends will quite literally be in full swing this year, with a parade of 60's exotic cars to help mark the golden anniversary and where better to celebrate the sixties

than at a auto-show. The theme of the sixties was inspired by the 50th birthdays of the two most iconic British cars of the 1960's, the E-type Jaguar and Mini-cooper. The event will see special displays dedicated to many iconic race and road cars which were among the favourites throughout the era and visitors have been encouraged to dig out their miniskirts and bell-bottoms to help bring the chosen theme to life! The dedicated classic car lovers will also be pleased to hear that British motor sport legend, Sir Stirling Moss who drove the Ferrari 250GT SWB to victory in Goodwood in 1961 will also be making an appearance with the very same car he won the race with. AutoLegends will also pay homage to some of 'The Patrons' who helped to play a major part at the forefront of the decade such as Privateer Rob Walker, Guilford garage owenr John Coombs and Ferrari distributor Colonel Ronnie Hoare. So aswell as being a great opportunity to see some of the most accomplished cars ever produced, AutoLegend promises a unique atmosphere featuring music, fashion and a charity based event helping to raise money for the Chelsea Pensioners. The event takes place on Sunday 4th September and If it's good enough for Stirling Moss, then it's good enough for us!