Spanish Grand Prix - Good Race, Bad Race - You Decide!

Ok, so it wasn't as bad as Bahrain!

10 May 2010

Mark Webber won the F1 Spanish Grand Prix in quite easy fashion on Sunday, followed by Alonso and then a wounded Vettel in 3rd.

Maybe i am bias but it seemed alot of the excitement for the day was supplied by Lewis Hamilton (again!) as he produced another 'Dan Dare' move on Vettel after the first pitstop while chatting to Charlie Whiting over the radio about slow backmarkers! Unfortunately he was also victim to a rogue puncture in his  front left only 2 laps from the end which put him in the barrier and effectively ruined the day for all but Webber & Alonso fans! The reason for the puncture on Hamilton's car is still unknown, but Martin Whitmarsh seems adamant that it was not just a worn down tyre - the like of which Lewis has suffered from in the past. Lewis is notoriously harsh on his tyres, however all indicators look to either a puncture from debris or an unnatural failure. We wont know the full reason for some time yet! Jenson Button's race for a podium was effectively over when he experienced a computer malfunction around the pit stops and meant he could not get out ahead of Schumacher. Button drove the rest of the race using his senses rather than the computer aided rev counters and other controls. The sign of a true racer, back to his Go Karting skills if you ask me! Button Finished 5th. It was a pretty good day for Michael Schumacher, 4th, considering his car still seems much slower than the Mclarens, Red Bull's and Ferrari's. Progress has definitely been made though! The real story of success this weekend was the Red Bull however. Adrian Newey has pulled out all the stops with the latest updates and the raw lapping speed of the red bull (often 1 second a lap faster than anyone else) is really quite scary! It is, however, still let down by chronic reliability leaving Vettel to limp over the line with almost no brakes for the final 5 laps of the race. Race Round Up So, there wasn't much overtaking, but that is something we are going to have to live with for the dry races in 2010. If you want overtaking you are best to get your fix from Karting at the TeamSport tracks to be honest. The latest Spec of f1 cars are even worse at following each other at top speed than last year and its not something that is going to be solved this quickly. Aside from that, the race could have been worse, with decent interest between Vettel, Hammy and Alonso chasing each other for most of the race. No refueling and therefore only 1 pit stop is killing the mid race action and the sooner this is addressed the better if you ask me. Roll on Monaco! But what about you? Enjoy the race? Did your team do well? let me know!