Spanish Grand Prix 2011 to have Longest DRS Zone

Circuit de Catalunya to have longest DRS zone so far this season

11 May 2011

With the Turkish Grand Prix concluded, the topic of the DRS placement for the next Formula 1 race has crept into discussion again.

Not only is the placement of the DRS a hot talking point but also the duration of which it could possibly be used, with longer straights making it easier for overtaking. Circuit de Catalunya is renowned for being a difficult track to overtake on, having a very unforgiving layout. However, the hope is that DRS will change all that. The longest DRS zone we have had so far has been in China, totalling 752m, it was initially supposed to be over 900m but that was reduced for fears that overtaking may become too easy. The DRS zone in Spain is going to come in at 830m and it will be located on the start/finish straight, this will hopefully give drivers the opportunity to overtake and battle for positions. With such a long distance in which overtaking could be accomplished might we see more overtaking in the Spanish Grand Prix? I hope it doesn’t ruin the race or make it too easy for the drivers as the underperforming teams will suffer heavily and won’t be able to rely on it.