South Wales Police Raise Money for Marie Curie Hospice

PC Darren Westall and his colleagues attempt World-Record

20 January 2011

Team Sport played host to a world-record attempt at their Cardiff track on Monday

as Darren Westall and three of his South Wales Police Officer colleagues try to beat the amount of distance covered in a go-kart over 24 hours. The current record is set at 955 miles and unfortunately they only managed to rack up 715 miles, still this is a considerable achievement because that equates to about 3240 laps. The attempt began at 4pm on Monday the 17th and concluded 24 hours later the next day. The lads were pushed to their limits in their efforts to break this record and have all come away reasonably unscathed but still battered and bruised from the intense racing they were doing. It’s hard to judge the guys falling short of their target since they did have to dodge and weave in and out of regular customers, which they said made it more interesting but obviously wouldn’t have helped them secure a world-record.


This event was organised as more of charity event but a world-record would have been a bonus. Darren’s Mother had unfortunately passed away recently and he organised this event to raise money for the hospice that took great care of her before her death. They managed to raise upwards of £3,000 and the workers of the Marie Curie Cancer Care Hospice in Penarth were very thankful. They all used custom built karts with special South Wales first responder colourings on them, this would have been pretty intimidating for the other users of the track knowing that the cops were behind them. It’s alright though since they were all off duty and just enjoying the time spent at the track. Darren said that this idea started when his Mother was still alive but even after she’s gone Darren said that she would have loved what it is these guys are doing for the Hospice. So well done guys, you’ve proved your endurance and skill out on the track and even though you didn’t manage to break any world-records you did manage to raise a substantial amount of money for the Hospice and that is better than any world-record in my book. Everyone else can put their fears to rest, they haven’t worn the track out and it’s still in one piece so why not follow in these 4 Police officers from South Wales and go Karting on the very track they used in Cardiff, click here to book now. Even though the race is over if you'd still like to help out with donating here is the link their Just Giving page