Silverstone Gets a Make-Over

The Silverstone track has a new look

7 July 2011

We're just days away from the British Grand Prix and we're hearing details of a change and the teams will be arriving to very different layout to the track tomorrow.

The Formula 1 paddock will now be positioned adjacent to the new Silverstone Wing with a completely new start and finish straight heading into the Abbey corner. We'll also see a change to the first lap which could easily provide us with some exciting action with the cars able to go flat out through the first two corners before heading into the tight village and The Loop. The main circuit hasn't really had any major changes to it and seems it will remain the same as it did last year, however I have heard however that some of the bumps on the track have been flattened which should allow the drivers to gain even more speed now. Not only has Silverstone upgraded some of it's already outstanding features but they are also preparing themselves for what could potentially be a record number of crowds making their way towards the circuit this weekend after all the tickets for the British Grand Prix race day have sold out with the current figure on course to top the 310,000 mark.