Schumacher and Rosberg Pleased with Mercedes Car

The two Mercedes GP drivers are confident of a good 2011 season

16 March 2011

I often don’t know how to react to statements like this, they seem to brim with confidence but how much water can they really hold?

It’s one thing to know for fact that your car is the most well-constructed and best performing machine on the field but when you haven’t had any kind of real races to square your car up against the competition it’s hard to really know where it stands. However, Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg have both voiced their praise for their team’s efforts in making the new Mercedes GP car the best it can be for this season. They are both feeling rather confident and it can be picked out from the interviews that they have done that they are really looking forward to getting stuck into the season. They are both aiming for Q3’s throughout the first few races and hopefully continue that trend throughout the season as well as podium positions. Now of course Every team hopes of a podium finish but the Mercedes drivers really feel like they’re in with a chance now. Could this be the long-awaited performance we’ve been eager to see from Michael Schumacher? Will we begin to see him stand as a title contender? Only time will tell!