Sauber Disqualified for Technical Rear-Wing Infringement

What happened to Sauber in Melbourne?

28 March 2011

It seems like the unlucky bug chose to pinch Sauber in the first of the Formula 1 Grand Prixs for the 2011 season.

Both of their drivers were disqualified for having a technical infringement with the car. What happened was that their rear-wing exceeded the 100mm minimum curvature limit, this was enforced to prevent any F-Duct type wings being used. Sauber are a Swiss based company are quite in shock as to how the design fault came into existence. They completely deny having done this on purpose, which I can completely believe given that the regulations are so strict they couldn’t possibly have believed that they would have got away with it. This leaves only negligence and manufacturing faults; to have overlooked such an important part of the car is not something you’d expect from any company involved with Formula 1. It’s a real shame as well since Sergio Perez drove a cracking race and would have been positioned 7th to earn his first points in his maiden Formula 1 outing. Hopefully Sauber can get this rectified before the next Grand Prix to avoid any further infringements and penalties.