Robert Kubica leaves Italian hospital to return home

Robert Kubica is on the road to recovery and hopefully racing again

27 April 2011

It’s been 11 weeks since the accident that almost destroyed the hopes and dreams of a certain, then Renault,

racing driver by the name of Robert Kubica. It’s not a name we have quickly forgotten or struggle to recollect what happened to him as the images of that totalled rally car still burn strong in the mind. To have walked away from such a disastrous looking crash is one thing but to actually have potential in racing Formula 1 again is just a miracle, this man has a will unlike anything I’ve ever known. Robert will be returning home, as he will be resting for a short period before he starts a rehabilitation programme designed to work with his hand and return it to hopefully its former state. Kubica is more than likely to miss out on the whole of the 2011 Formula 1 season but due to the circumstances of his injury we can hopefully get to see him race again by at least the 2012 season. So I wish him all the best and a hasty recovery as he was definitely one of the drivers that stuck out in my mind that was going to make an impression this season.