Renault positive about Kubica's recovery

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F1 driver Robert Kubica recovering well after crash

11 May 2011

Kubica has been undergoing rehabilitation after a serious accident he encountered in a rally last February, the Renault driver has spent over two months in hospital following

surgeries to his leg, arm and hand. Team boss Eric Boullier flew to Italy straight from the Turkish Grand Prix to see Kubica, who is still recovering from his injury, and seems optimistic about his progress.

He's working very hard, six to seven hours per day, and I think we should know more by mid-June what to expect and when. The injury was quite bad. Bones and muscles are easy to fix, but nerves are a different story.

Kubica, now through the first stage of his recovery will start heavy rehabilitation on his hand after doctors carried out a routine operation on his hand to remove adhesions that were effecting the functionality of his forearm. Im sure determination won't be in short supply, he is a very talented driver and without his accident he may have been winning races this year. Renault has a very competitive car this year, and what better motivation for him to come back. Wishing you the best of luck with your recovery!