Red Bull's Mark Webber Takes the Victory at the British GP

Plenty of excitement at the British GP to shake up the leaderboard

12 July 2010

Mark Webber of Red-Bull takes a victory at the British GP yesterday

after qualifying in second place on the grid. Sebastian Vettel took pole position but blew a tyre on the first corner when trying to defend his place against Lewis Hamilton. This was a very unfortunate event for the Red-Bull driver as the team decided to swap Webber’s new front wing to Vettel’s car before the race. This left Webber with an older wing and Vettel with the only remaining new wing after Vettel’s original wing failed. This didn’t seem to faze the Australian as he kept a comfortable lead and a cool head to secure a well-deserved 25 points to put him in contention with the Championship leaders and shift him above his teammate Vettel into third spot. The Red-Bull Team Principle Christian Horner said it was a very hard decision as to who would get the new front wing but since Vettel was their higher ranked driver in the Championship they hedged their bets and gave it to him. Lewis Hamilton fought to second place from a fourth position on the grid, it seemed like he was unhindered by the fact that the McLaren team didn’t use the rear ‘Blown-Diffuser’ on his car or his teammate’s Jenson Button’s. The decision for this came before practice on Friday when McLaren found that the ‘Blown-Diffuser’ was not working as intended and may have been a detriment to the cars and drivers. All in all it was an interesting race with sunny weather and good conditions, just what the doctor ordered. Formula 1 is off to Germany in two weeks, will Vettel have more luck in his home country than he did yesterday? Maybe! There’s a lot of time to kill between now and then so why not come Karting and while away the hours until the next race. Bruce Try and catch up with me on TwitterFacebook or Myspace, or signup at the top of the page for the latest news and offers.