Red Bull’s Mark Webber Didn’t Inform His Team of Injury

Webber didn’t inform his team about the injury he sustained while mountain biking

10 December 2010

We’ve all heard the news about Mark Webber and his shoulder condition surfacing through various sources.

He sustained the injury when he had a fall during a mountain biking excursion, this led Webber to suffer from a small fracture in his shoulder. This news  came as a bit of a surprise and because there was no clear enough story about his condition everyone assumed he had driven the last four races of the Formula 1 season with an agonising pain, causing him great discomfort but soldiering on in the name of racing. Even more surprising was that fact that Mark felt the need to not disclose this information with his Red Bull team; he says that the injury was only a small fracture and it didn’t interfere with him racing. Webber goes on to say that he would not have jumped back into a Formula 1 car had his shoulder been in anyway a hindrance with his ability to race safely and to the limit. I’m unsure of where Mark obtained his MD but I can be pretty sure that putting your body under the kinds of stress and forces that you do when racing at such a high level can’t be good. I’m not trying to insinuate that Mark’s shoulder was in any way solely responsible for his performance towards the end of the 2010 season, however, it should surely be a countable factor.

So what’s the verdict?

Well I’m torn between opinions on the matter; on the one hand you have Webber showing tremendous strength and perseverance in finishing up the season despite an injury. On the other hand Mark has deceived his team in hiding the fact that he was injured and it may have affected his performance. Considering Red Bull won the constructors championship I don’t think they have anything to worry about, had they not, would Webber be in trouble here? Are they going to continue trusting Webber now? After pulling this kind of a blanket over his team’s eyes it makes sense that they’ll all be slightly suspicious of any under performances from here on out. While we wait to find out more why don’t you come karting to one of Team-Sports amazing tracks, but be sure you’re in good health.