Red Bull to action KERS Boost

Red bull to upgrade KERS in time for the turkish grand prix

20 April 2011

Red Bull are set to take an upgraded KERS to the Turkish Grand Prix in May

, the team is confident that this will improve their chances of a win and solve the problems they have experienced so early on in the competition. Christian Horner, Red Bull team boss says:

we have got another upgrade of KERS coming for Turkey, it is getting better and better as we get more understanding of the systems and more mileage on it

During each race so far this season, Red Bull team mates Vettel and Webber have both experienced issues with their KERS, the problem believing to be related to the cooling process of the in-house battery system. After the race in China Mark Webber said it was important that the Red Bull Team ironed out the KERS problems straight away.

It's a key component in Formula 1 these days, so it's completely obvious that we want to address it as soon as possible. Mclaren have a huge amount of experience with Mercedes from 2009 and they're doing a good job of it.

How will this effect red bulls chances?

The lack of a reliable KERS cost Vettel and Webber in the previous race, so its no surprise  that a good working KERS on Red Bull would give them an advantage. It's said that KERS is worth about 0.3 seconds per lap in qualifying so they better get it sorted now McLaren are right on their tails! It gets me wondering whether Vettel's poor start in China might have been down to his unreliable KERS where he lost two places off the start, can they really afford to keep qualifying in pole and then losing out the moment the race starts It will be very interesting to see when Red Bull has a consistently working KERS system, whether or not it will improve their chances or is their strategy just not up to scratch?