Red Bull motorsport adviser comments on Diffuser Ban

Red Bull’s diffuser technique earns them 0.5 seconds per lap

29 June 2011

The recent outlaw of various elements of technological improvements on F1 continues into the next Grand Prix with the ban on off-throttle blown diffusers.

A technology which, when used as effectively as Red Bull earns them almost a half second per lap advantage. The technology effectively uses the hot exhaust gases of the engine to supply a downforce on the blown-diffuser allowing the cars to corner better when the throttle is disengaged. Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s motorsport adviser has said that this shouldn’t be something for the team to worry about as they have made improvements to the car elsewhere to compensate for this ban. Will we see a closer race in Silverstone after the glorified procession that was Valencia? The two Brits from McLaren already have their sights set on a home victory one two and that is looking ever more likely with the playing field becoming more even. In conjunction with Pirelli’s decision to bring Hard and Soft tyres to the British Grand Prix it looks like Ferrari are out of the running as well unless they can find a way to drive competitively on the Hard tyre.