Preview of Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos Sao Paulo

Could Alonso clench victory of the Drivers’ Championship here?

6 November 2010

This weekend has become a deciding factor in whether or not Alonso will take the crown of the Drivers’ Championship.

He is currently 11 points clear of Mark Webber of Red Bull which gives him the advantage of being able finish first to clench the title, as long as Webber doesn’t finish higher than fourth. With this in mind is it going to be an all-in performance by Ferrari? Will they give Alonso 100% of their attention and try to push him to get that victory? Or will they play it safe and put in a good race and hope their rivals suffer some more set-backs like the last Grand Prix. Onto some actual racing stuff and we’re in Brazil this weekend, well I’m not actually there I’m just talking figuratively. Anyway, they said rain would come and come it did, giving the track that nice fresh wet feel and prompting the teams to utilise wet tyres. This must have caused all kinds of upsets amongst the teams as the track continued to dry throughout the qualifying and would they risk going for dry tyres? Turns out dry tyres trumped all as Nico Hulkenburg proved, by setting continually better laps. The pace of his Williams was unmatched and he made little to no mistakes showing everyone how it was done properly. Lewis Hamilton was also setting some very fast laps, persistently jumping into a provisional pole position only to be pushed out of the top spot by the other championship contenders Vettel, Webber and Alonso. Eventually he had a great lap and settled into a 4th between Alonso and Webber. The real shock in this qualifying though is Nico Hulkenburg and I really can’t describe in words how much of a top-notch performance that kid showed. After all the big players set their qualifying times he would come along and just obliterate their times, making them look like old-timers in a 2CV. I'm really hyped for tomorrow; this is going to be nail-bitingly, edge of your seat, fist-clenchingly tense and I just can’t wait for it.