Pirelli to decide on which tyres to take to British Grand Prix

Tyre decision won’t be swayed by team favouritism

27 June 2011

Pirelli have released a statement remarking that their decision for tyre use in the British Grand Prix won’t be swayed by any team regardless of opinions and fears that those teams may have. I’m not pointing fingers here but Ferrari has made it public knowledge that they struggle on the hard compound tyres and this is a real issue for them. Ferrari have had a rather uneventful start to this current Formula 1 season and as such have pinned it down to the problems they have encountered with the combination of their car design and tyre type. The recent improvements that they have made to the car have shone through and really impressed their fans in Valencia this past weekend. However, the modifications rely on a softer tyre compound to really grasp that advantage. Their fears now lie with the decision Pirelli will make about which tyres to take to Silverstone, if they are a hard compound then Ferrari feel that they will have lost all progress they made in Spain. It’s just another technical issue to worry about for a Formula 1 team but tyre choice should be decided and finalised without bias as to give an even playing field on the simple foundations of the race. Let’s hope Pirelli choose wisely and bring the tyre type that best reflects their tests and conditions needed to have a great race, because in the end that’s what it’s all about.