Pirelli set to drop hard compound tyres for remaining F1 races

More Pit-stops on the horizon as hard compound tyre gets the boot

8 August 2011

A recent announcement from Pirelli states that they will be dropping the hard compound tyres from the remaining F1 Grands Prix.

The reasons are numerous with even some sceptics blaming Ferrari but the official reason is based on the time difference for tyres. Pirelli’s objective for this Formula 1 season was to make it more entertaining, which they provided with quicker wearing tyres. Pirelli’s tyres have proved themselves in such a short time but they felt that the hard compound slicks were providing too much efficiency. Essentially Pirelli wanted their tyres to have a 1s per lap difference between types but the hard compound was found to have a considerable performance increase over the medium. This will leave the super soft, soft and medium tyres for rest of the championship, which Pirelli have said will be more than sufficient. We’ve already witnessed races contain more than 3-4 pit-stops and I think it’s something we shall expect to see more of in the coming events. Pirelli have said that they’ll try and create a new compound tyre for next year, which will hopefully sit somewhere in between medium and soft.