Opposition for Austin Grand Prix

Austin citizens file suit over the use of State funding US GP

24 June 2011

The situation of the 2012 GP in Austin, Texas, still remains very much up in the air after a group of Austin Citizens who opposed to the funding of the F1 race have filed a law suit against Texas Comptroller. The District court claims that money was promised to race promotors before legally able to do so.

Financial plans for the race would mean that a $25 million grant of public money from the Texas state's Major Event Trust Fund would be owed to Bernie Ecclestone and used to pay the fee that the Formula 1 boss charges races promoters to host the US Grand Prix. Crowds gathered early on Thursday in protest to the funding for Formula 1 race, whilst I also heard all the visitors seats inside the council chambers were completely jam packed with people, who think the money would be better spent elsewhere on the likes of education and preventing the layoff of teachers. The vote has been postponed once again. I can see why many people are angry over the use of using tax payers money for this venture, but on the other hand it would increase tourism so the money could essentially be reinvested into things that could benefit the public.