Off-throttle blown-diffusers back on the Formula 1 Menu

It was a funny old weekend for the blown-diffuser debacle

11 July 2011

As we were all probably aware the off-throttle blown-diffuser was a technical engineering principle which enabled teams to generate extra downforce by allowing the hot exhaust gases to blow over the diffuser. This was particularly influential where keeping the car stuck to the track would enable higher cornering speeds. This blown-diffuser however went under the scrutiny of the FIA before the British Grand Prix for no apparent reason and as a result caused a bit of backlash with teams as they slowly discovered a lot of the cars were built around this technology. Without the use of these diffusers it would be impossible to keep the cars running on the track and so the FIA had to make some pretty dastardly decisions with regards to what was allowed over the weekend. Since the debacle at Silverstone all the Formula 1 teams have signed an agreement that will take the rules on the ban and reverse them as they are. This will essentially revert the decision back to Valencia settings, allowing 100% of hot exhaust gases to be used on the blown-diffuser. However the engine mappings change ban will remain in effect.