Nicolas Hamilton’s Debut Race in the Clio Cup

Against the odds, Nicholas Hamilton pulls off an amazing race

5 April 2011

This past weekend played host to a rather smaller racing event known as the Clio Cup,

it’s a rather tidy little sporting event with modified Renault Clios racing around the famous tracks you’d see in such sports as Formula 1 or MotoGP. This race, however, had the added bonus of being Nicholas Hamilton’s debut race in the sport. He is the younger brother of 2008 Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton who had actually flown on a 13,000 mile round trip to watch his younger brother race before he heads back for the Malaysian Grand Prix. Nicholas qualified in 17th place but performed an admirable race to place 12th by the end. Now this may not seem like a triumphant victory but considering he has cerebral palsy I personally think he outperformed the rest. His condition requires him to drive a slightly modified car in order to accommodate his CP but other than that he’s just a regular guy. With a name like Hamilton now on the driver list, this sport will probably take a leap towards getting more well-known. It’s a decent little sport and it’s proving quite good for discovering talented drivers, hopefully one day we’ll see Nicholas expand his career and race in some bigger classes.