Next four races for Ferrari are crucial

Ferrari could be out of the Championship if they dont get results

22 June 2011

Ferrari have openly said they could be out of contention for the Championship this year if they fail to turn around their season within the next four races.

With a quarter of the season already over, Alonso is 92 points behind Vettel and Massa a further 37 points in the Driver's Championship and between Red Bull and Ferrari teams there is currently a 154 point gap between the two, so they have a lot of catching up to do. I think this weekend will be the ultimate test, with Alonso not having too much luck so far in the European Grand Prix and their chief designer Nikolas Tombazis hopes they'll improve further in Valencia this weekend.

I believe we can continue the competitive trend in Valencia because the track there does have quite a few similarities with those at the two preceding rounds, particularly with Canada, as it has a long straight and some hard braking points and some medium speed corners, which suits our car reasonably well.

There is no doubt that ferrari have four races to turn this around, and if they don't produce results could we see Ferrari throwing in the towel? I think the Drivers Championship could well be within their grasp if they push hard enough, but im not completely convinced by the Constructors Championship.