New York F1 Grand Prix on the Calender for 2012?

Back to the USA?

4 May 2010

I am hearing reports that we could be set for a trip back to the USA for a Grand Prix fixture again as soon as 2012.

Obviously the last time we had F1 in America, in 2007, it ended in a bit of a disaster with tyre manufactures refusing to run their tyres on the Indianapolis surface, leaving only 4 cars (two of which were Ferrari's!) to run in a procession around the track. Not great PR for the sport! Since then the US F1 team has been created and are due to enter the sport in 2011 after a failed attempt to be ready for this season. This opens the way for a bit of forgiveness from the American people and the idea of going back to the USA to race once again. So if we are going the the States, where should we race - how about New York baby! That's right. Bernie Ecclestone is saying he can get a race sorted just 1 mile from Manhattan - wouldn't that make for the most amazing backdrop to an F1 race? Jersey City has been earmarked as the possible place, in what is currently parkland. A 3.6 mile track is being proposed and there are even talks of staging the race at night light Singapore, letting the glitz and glam of NYC's lights make for a fantasy backdrop. It must be said that there seems to be a bit of a revolt from the Jersey City locals, they are not massive fan's of a race track on their door step - which just seems strange to a Bruce like me! What's not to like?:) Let me know what you think about going back to the USA and the choice to host it near NYC, just a short hop across the pond!