New EU Directive

Inequalities in MotorSport Act

1 April 2012

The EU have announced today that they will soon be putting in place another set of regulations throughout the Motorsport world. It has now become apparent that Podiums are in breach of the new EU Laws, article 12.401 which states that individual competitors, teams and trainers must at all times be treated as equals. Therefore the EU has proposed that all Podiums levels will be lowered to the same height. (See diagram below). Ridiculous? I understand the importance of equality but in a competitive sport there will always be a winner, and this seems a little far fetched! When asked for further details, an MEP said that they are currently speaking to the FIA and all other organising bodies of Motorsport events to ensure the new rules are followed and immediate changes are made. It is expected that the changes will be rolled out in time for the next Formula 1 race in China. Roger Stevens, another MEP said: We don't believe this makes everyone second best, but we are trying to ensure equal opportunities and equal treatment for everyone and hopefully this is the first step in the right direction in combating discrimination throughout Motorsport. Podium inequality is one of the last remaining imbalances in sport and when we next sit, we definitely plan to deal with first past the post, winner's circle and the size of the Ashes trophy in a bid to reduce depressions amongst professional cricketers. I guess it's only a matter of time before TeamSport will have to comply with these new set rules!