Motor Sports to watch in 2015

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Motor Sports to watch in 2015

2 April 2015

So the start of the F1 season has definitely been a bit more exciting than we all thought it would be, and the possibility that one team will ‘run away with it’ has been thrown into some doubt due to the unexpected Ferrari win last month.

It’s still all to play for however and I’ll certainly be looking forward to the next race. In the meantime there are plenty of other sports that will quench my racing thirst, so I thought I would just touch on a few of them. 

The MotoGP scene takes cut-throat and fast-paced sport to the extreme. It is not for the feint-hearted. Imagine having 250bhp at your disposal and using your entire body to hurl yourself and your bike around corners at break-neck speed, on tyre-contact of less than two square inches. Scary thought? Hell yes. This is one of the most exciting, high-adrenaline races you can ever watch and to say you will be on the edge of your seat is an understatement.

The season has started exceptionally by a win from Valentino Rossi who can only be described as a MotoGP Veteran, with nearly 20 years of races and titles under his belt. His win has signalled a shift in the Marquez/Lorenzo/Pedrosa dominated season of last year and promises race after race of thrills, spills and momentous wins.

The next race is on the 19th April and I defy you not to watch it.

If you’ve never watched the WRC then now is the time to start. The World Rally Championship takes part all over the world where different ‘stages’ are raced in all conditions – from deserts to ice-flats - each bringing a new set of challenges. What I love about the WRC is that no two races are the same, no driver or car can dominate and a split second can change everything. The terrain varies so much that each driver has to have strengths on every surface – a near impossible task. The playing field is very, very level.

You’ll be looking for a stronger word than “ouch” when you watch nose-dives into ditches and skids off sheer rock faces at over 100mph. Ever wondered how it would feel to have £500,000 worth of rocket under you and a passenger who is one hell of a backseat driver? Then this is for you. Heart in your mouth viewing? You bet.

One of my personal favourites is the British Touring Car Championship, and the touring cars returned for more punishment on the 5th April. Watching race-versions of our regular road cars is something that we can all get on board with, even if it does make your drive to work feel a little boring in comparison.

This sport is surely one of the most relevant sports of our decade, as car manufacturers get to showcase their latest models in the best way possible – by racing them around a track at mach 9, to the delight of thousands of avid viewers. I urge you to get involved karters, the BTCC provides insanely good viewing and you will recognise a few faces – including a certain Mr Hamilton. No, Lewis hasn’t decided to end his F1 career just yet, it’s his younger brother Nicolas who’ll be looking to emulate his big brother’s success in competitive racing.

So we are certainly spoilt for choice on the sports to keep an eye on this year. I could talk about 2 or 3 more including the Carrera Cup and World Endurance, not to mention Formula E that I am a real advocate of.

So, watch with relish karters and keep an eye out for TV highlights shows if you cannot catch live races – I promise your motorsport viewing will never be the same again.