Monaco F1 to Have Split Qualifying Session?

Drivers concerned about crowded track

7 May 2010

There are reports coming from multiple drivers including Bruno Senna and Jano Truli that Charlie Whiting may agree to a split qualifying session

at Monaco to accommodate a crowded track this year. Because we now have 24 cars instead of the more normal 20 of recent years and the extra tight and winding track at Monaco there is real concern that the slower cars will find it almost impossible to prevent slowing up the quick guys on their hot laps. As we all know, the punishments for holding up a quick lap in qualifying are often over harsh anyway, so its felt Monaco could be the centre of quite a news story of bickering if something isn't sorted before the event. Admittedly, the only drivers to be talking about this at the moment are people from the back end of the field, however there could be wide spread support for the idea and a decision could be made this weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix. The proposals from Bruno Senna include some form of splitting the field into 2 sections to have half of the fast and half of the slow teams in each split. I wonder if it doesn't make more sense to let all teams run 1 driver in each half, seems a far simpler split to me - the only possible problem might be an unfair advantage to each team over other races because they have only 1 car to worry about at a time...but that doesn't really matter if you ask me! What do you lot think? Should this be a concern? >If you just cant wait for the grand Prix this weekend then feel free to come to the Crawley International circuit tonight! all 3 levels of the track are open and its going to be a good one!