Mini Challenge

Mini Challenge

22 December 2014

On arrival, it was clear that the track conditions were far from ideal as the ice under foot in the paddock hinted at how hairy it could possibly be on the track. Fortunately, a glorious dawn and some blazing sunshine (along with some de-icer) encouraged the track to thaw enough to be safe to drive on.

The winners assembled in the ExcelR8 Motorsport garage and were privileged to be taken on a walk of the historic circuit by the MSVT Instructor, who gave them descriptions of the racing line and tips as they went. The group were shown the true nature of the corners and straights as well as Paddock Hill, which drew gasps at the extent of the incline! Needless to say, by the time they had done a lap of the track on foot they were more than raring to get behind the wheel!

So, following a group safety briefing, the winners were split into 3 groups and allocated instructors and cars before hitting the track. After a few sighting laps the racing began.

It was clear from the start that our Kart Champs were in a league of their own as they demonstrated how skilful and fearless TeamSport’s customers are! Apart from an altercation with some grass by our ‘Driver of the Day’, Michael Bamber on his winning lap in the John Cooper Works Mini, all drivers managed to keep the rubber on the tarmac and finished the day unscathed and just a little bit exhilarated!

TeamSport extend a huge thanks to all those who made the journey from all areas of the UK to participate, and special mention must go to ExcelR8 Motorsport, MINI Challenge, Biz Karts and Chris Smith, who drove hot laps all day and managed to put the wind up one or two of his passengers!

TeamSport hope that all involved had a great experience and are looking forward to Kart Champs 2015.

A full gallery of images from the day can be found on our Facebook page: and more information about our BIZ Karts can be found here: