Mid-Season Analysis

Just how will this F1 season end?

3 August 2012

Its going to be a long fortnight whilst F1 are on their summer holidays and so to pass the time I'm going to have a little think about this seaon's result! Fernando Alonso has a 40 point lead in the championship, but he is without a leading car and Ferrari know it. Team boss, Stefano Domenicali, has even publicly said Alonso's car, 'is a car that was not a car'. And it seems the Spaniard agrees. He said:

Lotus, McLaren and Red Bull have been ahead of us for the whole championship. Now we must try and make a good leap forward in terms of performance to allow us to keep the lead in the championship, because in the long term, what we have now will not be enough.

I sense some confidence wavering there and with Hamilton's Hungarian win giving him a mega boost, Ferrari may really have to step-up. Are there any other contenders? Well I've got my eye on Lotus, especially after their double podium win in Hungary. They have two competent drivers and the cars to match, something Ferrari don't yet have. And although they have yet to achieve a 1st place this season, they have shown consistency, as they proved by having three great races in a row, in Bahrain, Spain and Monaco. Is three months and nine races enough time for them to turn things around? Let's wait and see! As Lewis Hamilton said last week, 'its game on'!