McLaren's test and reserve contract extended

Gary Paffett extends stay with McLaren

6 July 2011

Yesterday McLaren announced that Gary Paffett will be remaining with the team and will keep his position of test and reserve driver next year.

Paffett joined the team back in 2005 and played a major role in car development whilst splitting his time between racing in the DTM series and testing for the team. He has also alot of his time this year working alongside McLaren test driver Pedro de la Rosa who rejoined the team after testing for Pirelli and Sauber racing. Talking about his new deal, Paffet has commented saying

I am extremely pleased to have renewed my relationship with McLaren. As everybody knows, success in Formula 1 is development through the strength and duration of relationships: I've been part of this team for more than five years and it's a place where I feel really happy and comfortable and where I can confidently speak my mind

This is a sensible move for Paffett, although I do hope one day we get to see him race in F1 at some point during his career, even as a replacement. It's good that he is keeping his options open too, I think it's only a matter of time before we will see his full potential put to use, the Virgin and McLaren merge could be the platform he has been waiting for.