McLaren will be taking up to 12 Upgrades to Spain

Will McLaren by resting their hopes on a handful of new parts?

7 May 2011

The Barcelona Grand Prix starts tomorrow with the first round of practices.

This upcoming Grand Prix has been widely talked about as an almost championship changing race, with a real test for all the new rules and technologies that have been brought in for this year. Many have deemed Barcelona to be one of if not the most difficult tracks to overtake on, take on board that it’s also a very fast track which will play havoc on the tyres for those drivers that don’t look after them very well. The word out there at the moment is that people are very excited and expecting a lot of overtaking or at least some strategic pitting in order to gain valuable places. This is where McLaren hope that their new parts will come in handy, some of which will be external and noticeable others that will be internal. They’ve said that they are trying to get the upgrade production sped up so that they can get the new parts to the cars in as short of a time as possible. McLaren were supposed to put on some new parts in Istanbul but decided not to after some minor problems forced them to abandon them for that race. Hopefully we’ll see them try again and try to catch up on Red Bull’s dominance.