McLaren Fully behind Hamilton and his Driving Style

Hamilton to continue to push his aggressiveness at Monza

7 September 2011

If Lewis Hamilton is notable for anything in Formula 1 it will have to be his brave and aggressive driving style which leaves his competition far behind but also has quite a high chance of failing him. Hamilton hasn’t had the greatest start to the 2011 championship but it hasn’t stopped him trying to find those extra seconds and making every opportunity count. McLaren have said that they pin a lot of Lewis’s success on his ability to drive hard and it’s something that they’re happy to back. With a sprinkling of good luck we might see Lewis get back into the battle for second or third position in the drivers’ championship. It looks like Vettel is too far ahead now for even his Red Bull teammate, Mark Webber, to catch up, never mind Hamilton. Up next in this Formula 1 season is Monza, a tough track which requires full throttle for pretty much the entire circuit. Not only will this be hard on the cars to perform but it will give the drivers almost no room for error if they won’t to leap into the lead.