McLaren Formula 1 Performance improves for Sepang Malaysia

Hamilton believes McLaren’s performance to improve at Sepang

4 April 2011

They’ve had a good start to the 2011 Formula 1 season despite having a bit of bad luck with a fancy and convoluted exhaust system,

which they subsequently changed to a simpler design, similar to that of Red Bull’s. This risky change at the last minute could have proven fatal for McLaren’s chances at Australia but fortunately enough it paid off quite well, they just ended up struggling with the floor of the car which was in bad shape for the duration of the race. It looks like even these little nuances have been resolved and team principal Martin Whitmarsh is confident that not only will McLaren be able to deliver a competitive performance in Sepang but they’ll also be able to hopefully close the gap on Red Bulll. Lewis Hamilton feels that the Malaysian Grand Prix will be able to show a truer picture of where each team stands right now. Hopefully we’ll be able to see McLaren dent that gap between themselves and Red Bulll and hopefully be able to chase down first position and hopefully we’ll see Jenson Button fly into the podium positions as his driving style really suits the Malaysian Grand Prix.