Massa won't be offering an olive branch to Hamilton

No end to the Massa and Hamilton feud

4 November 2011

Felipe Massa has stated that he has no intention of trying to end the feud between himself and fellow driver Lewis Hamilton after their clash at the Indian Grand Prix last weekend.

With two previous clashes prior to the event, for which Hamilton was penalised. This time it was Massa who bore the brunt of the confrontation, being penalised for not allowing the other driver to pass when Hamilton’s McClaren crashed into his Ferrari. After the incident both drivers were asked what could be done to resolve the feud. Massa stated a succinct “Nothing from me”, with Hamilton showing fewer signs of progress stating "He hasn't spoken to me in a long, long time, I made an effort and said good luck for the race" The feud between the two drivers can be in part credited to when Massa lost the 2008 world title to Hamilton, and the events of the Indian Grand Prix look only to heighten the feud with both drivers believing the other was to blame. With Vettel proving an unbeatable force, the Massa/Hamilton feud provides added entertainment to what would otherwise be a fairly predictable race. But how long will the feud last? And will it ever be resolved? Massa and Hamilton’s feud on the track is starting to overshadow their ability as drivers, with neither showing any signs of challenging Vettel to the F1 crown. To me it seems like the Massa/Hamilton feud will become just as predictable as Vettel being in poll position and there is only so much patience the McClaren and Ferrari teams can have when the stakes are so high. So come on guys forget about the fighting, and concentrate on the driving,