Martin Brundle to Replace Legard as BBC F1 Commentator

There’s been a shake up with the commentating team over at the BBC

12 January 2011

You may or may not have heard the latest news

that the BBC have confirmed Martin Brundle as the new voice of commentating after having axed Jonathan Legard. Brundle has said that he is overjoyed to get this new position after having being a part of F1 for over 700 Grands Prix, he is looking forward to his new responsibilities and alongside him will be David Coulthard. This news comes only shortly after Legard himself had doubts over whether the BBC would renew his two year contract and keep him on with the sport. Legard has a very firm passion for F1 and has made it his life, unfortunately it seems that he didn’t deliver a promising performance and even Brundle himself complained about a lack of chemistry between the pair. This is a big move for Brundle, and to be honest I don’t think I could think of a better person to put in that seat right now. Also David Coulthard is getting a lot out of this deal too, he moves up into the commentary box with Brundle while we can but only speculate who will be going trackside with Jake Humphries and Eddie Jordan. Personally I enjoy Brundle’s take on the racing and has always been a bit of a saving grace for watching Formula 1, it’s an exciting prospect to witness the racing and the commentary is every bit as important as the actual racing. So with having a healthy amount of experience, Martin Brundle will be able to hopefully provide all Formula 1 viewers with a more detailed and informative racing commentary than his predecessor.

New Formula 1 season soon

Will we see Jonathan Legard around Formula 1 ever again? Well it’s rather an ill wish to not want him to set foot around the sport that he has dedicated his life to thus far. All the best to the two new commentators though, this will make for a more exciting season having two prior drivers sat up in that commentary box, back and forth-ing about tactics and racing styles and how it was done “Back in the day”. While we all wait with baited breath for the new season to start, besides all the flashy promo stuff that the teams will be doing gradually over the next couple of months with unveiling their cars and such, why not get Karting at one of Team Sports amazing tracks, seriously book now it’s great fun.