Lewis Hamilton takes the win in the German Grand Prix

McLaren push Hamilton to second victory of 2011 Formula 1 Season

25 July 2011

Lewis Hamilton secures his second victory of the season as he fends off Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso and Red Bull’s Mark Webber.

The podium trio danced with positions throughout the Grand Prix, exchanging places in pit-stops and catching them out in the corners. Lewis Hamilton often taking advantage of his aggressive driving skill to take the inside line and catch them off-guard. Alonso drove a great race but was constantly chasing down that front position, often being out-performed by rival cars or lacking concentration and not defending his place. Mark Webber had a poor start, dropping his revs before the lights and allowing Lewis Hamilton to take an early lead and start to control the race. Sebastian Vettel got tied up with Ferrari’s Felipe Massa and the Championship point-leader had to battle until the last lap where an excellent pit-stop threw him ahead to place fourth, the first time he’s been placed off the podium this season. Jenson Button had to retire his car early due to hydraulic problems, which was a shame because he had his sights set on fourth place and the stats showed that it would have been quite possible. Sebastian Buemi and Nick Heidfield got in a little accident which resulted in Heildfield retiring after a fair amount of damage to the car but Buemi got off lightly and was able to complete the race. Vettel still leads the Championship by over 3 Grand Prix wins, it’s going to take a lot to chase that point gap down but if we see a lot more like we have this weekend then it’s fair to say that Lewis Hamilton is back in the title race, or at least the hope for it has been reignited. For the next Grand Prix we move to Hungary for possibly another tight race, it’s a fairly unforgiving track which won’t spare much in terms of overtaking and position battles. Saying that, if it all comes down to the qualifiers we might just be seeing the results for the actual race, depending on whether or not the DRS zones help with anything. Let’s hope we see a lot more of what we saw in Germany; this could shape up to still be one of the best seasons in a long time.