Lewis Hamilton defends his driving in Malaysian Grand Prix

A deserved penalty for Hamilton in Malaysia or not?

14 April 2011

Lewis Hamilton of McLaren has said today that he defends his driving in the Malaysian Grand Prix

after stating it wasn’t even that reckless and that he put no-one in any sort of danger. Lewis Hamilton was penalised 20s for making more than one change in direction for defending a position. The rules stipulate that you are only allowed to make one change of direction towards the better line. While Hamilton may have done this he also weaved back and forth perhaps to make an overtaking manoeuvre a near impossibility or maybe to just get a better position on the track. His penalty dropped his final position from seventh to eighth and he feels lucky to have it only affect him slightly, he could have been knocked out of the points altogether, which would have put a really sour mood on the whole affair. Hamilton was given a warning last year for weaving on the same track and to a much worse extent, sweeping almost from side to side of the track, he was told that the rules would be a lot stricter this year and I think this really needs to be a base-line, if anyone is caught doing anything more aggressive than Hamilton’s manoeuvre it should hopefully be a definite penalty, otherwise something fishy is going on.