Lewis Hamilton Concerned it is Qualifying or Bust at the Spanish Grand Prix

Dry race, 1 pit-stop, overtaking nightmare.

3 May 2010

The Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona is only 6 days away (thank god! i was getting withdrawal symptoms!)

and the forecast looks sunny. Why is this important? Well the last dry race we had was flipping boring! Bahrain. In a dry race all the experts say there is likely to be only 1 pit-stop, and given the seemingly impossible overtaking at Barcelona, with the added issue of lack of kerrs it might be hard to do anything more than gain 1 to 2 places out on the track with the rest relying on strategy. Lewis Hamilton thinks that Qualifying could be more important than ever because of these problems. Starting near the front is paramount as there should be no 10th place heroics this weekend. Barcelona, the first race of the European season traditionally sparks the arrival of a host of new upgrades fresh from the factory, and this years race looks to be no different. McLaren are bringing completely new front and rear wings amongst other things to this race hoping to make more ground on the raw performance of the Red Bull's. We all know about McLarens ability to develop a car in season, last year they gained about 2 seconds on the rest from start to finish, no mean feat for the Woking team. Who do people think is going to do well at the Barcelona Grand Prix? anyone care to list their top 3?