603 Miles, 300 Laps And £700 For Cancer Research!

15 May 2012

We’re really impressed and very proud of TeamSport fan, Tanis Roberts-Clark, who took up the mammoth challenge of racing around each track

to raise money for the charity, after his Nan died from cancer in April. The 14-year-old began his mission at 0830 on bank holiday Sunday at the Cardiff track and despite finding it pretty slippery, he finished with great lap times. Later that day, Tanis took on the Bristol track where he had a fab time drifting around the long hairpin, but then he had to move onto Gosport and Southampton where he took on the twisty tracks and ramps! The day finished at the new Brighton track where Tanis was welcomed by a relaxed, family atmosphere and the Unlimited Karting session in full swing. Tanis was up bright and early to continue his challenge on the Monday and first stop was the Crawley track, where he was met with competition in the form of staff from the Brighton track! After a very competitive session, the teenager wove his way through the bank holiday traffic to make it to the start line of the North London track. It was then onto Tower Bridge and the electric karts which Tanis found to be just as powerful and fast. Last but not least, the youngster arrived back at his home track in Camberley and it was time to see if the experience had improved his karting skills. A few laps in and Tanis proved he had by beating his previous best by 1.5s! With the mission complete, Tanis and his team wanted to thank TeamSport - they said:

Staff at each and every track were all genuinely welcoming, friendly and keen to help. They weren’t just doing their job and were often skilled drivers who really got involved and added to the fun. There are too many names to mention individually but a BIG thank you to all! We hope to see you again soon.

What a great tribute the challenge was to Tanis’ grandmother, Jackie Roberts, and to his friends and family who are still battling the illness. Donations are still welcome at his just giving page.