2 April 2015

Good things come in small packages – so I am told - and this small vehicle seems to just keep on giving!

The original MINI made by the British Motor Corporation in 1959 is known to be one of the best-selling cars in British history with 5.3 million MINIs being sold between 1959 and 2000! As one of the most influential cars of the 20th century, the original British model was revolutionary for small vehicles and became iconic for well-known faces such as Paul McCartney and Britney Spears; even Enzo Ferrari frequently drove one.

The MINI’s big personality also made its way into the film and television industry. The 1976 British Leyland MINI featured as Mr Bean’s car in the very popular television series which was a comical viewing for all, seeing cheeky manoeuvres over other vehicles and proving that you can do with a MINI, everything you can do with any other vehicle – not that any MINI drivers today would attempt to deliver their own sofa home on top of the car! The Italian Job original and 2003 re-make was another huge highlight for the MINI to claim its fame and show us just how desirable the MINI can be, incorporating racing and high speed chases. That being said MINIs and racing became rather popular in rally competitions, as well as numerous owner’s clubs for those that just cannot get enough because although the original MINI was always kept as quite a standard car, there was always endless opportunities to improve performance and definitely make yours stand out. From the year 2000 onwards we saw BMW take over the MINI brand and although the car may not be as small as it used to be, its personality is still as big as ever.

John Cooper brought performance to the MINI as a necessity which is now one of the most well-known models that we see as part of the BMW owned MINI marque, the MINI Cooper. Not only is this car seen as almost a fashion accessory and eye-catcher out on the road but the John Cooper Works tuning additions brought performance and power to appeal to even the manliest of boy racers!

It’s common to see generations of MINIs on a daily basis out on the roads but at TeamSport we’re more interested in what these little monsters can do off the road and on the track! Last year TeamSport gave some lucky KartChamps 2014 finalists the opportunity to experience MINIs in Power Maxed style at Brands Hatch, courtesy of BIZ Karts. Yes, I am talking MINIs with the likes of 240bhp on one of the UK’s major circuits, with passengers holding onto their seats, which put any MINI road car to shame.

Thanks to BIZ Karts and MINI Challenge UK, TeamSport are able to bring this opportunity to KartChamps 2015 as our TOP PRIZE for our adult categories to kart for the chance to take part in an awesome taster MINI track day experience. If this sounds like your sort of thing, then there is no question about it, I will see you at your nearest TeamSport venue in May! The top six finishers from each of our three adult category finals will earn a place* to truly test their driving skills on a top UK circuit…

See you on the grid karters,