Kart Fight roars through the streets of Cardiff

Red Bull Speed Jam Kart Fight

6 September 2011

Over the weekend I arrived to see the streets of Cardiff closed off and transformed into a giant circuit full of excited spectators waiting to see the Kart Fight semi-finalists battle it out to be crowned the 2011 Kart Fight Champion. With Jake Humphrey as the host for the day, the event kicked off with an incredible show from the Red Bull Matadors who stunned the audience with their spectacular performance of a variety of formation patterns in the skies. The two pilots, Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones (not the well known television presenter) are undoubtedly considered to be two of the best pilots in the world with their frightening manoeuvres. Absolutely loved watching this! We then got down to business and jumped straight into the Kart Fight competition, and it didn't disappoint crammed with plenty of overtaking, unfortunate crashes which was mainly down to the weather conditions and the slippery streets, we were in Wales afterall! Bradley Philpot was eventually crowned the winner, he was pushed back early on but managed to make his way into the lead and taking first place. Liam McGil took second and our very own Jack O'Neil who qualified TeamSport Gosport came in third place. We were also lucky enough to be treated to the sight of Mark Webber who took to the narrow streets in the Red Bull F1 showcar, Daniel Ricciardo perform multiple doughnuts in the NASCAR and Chris Pfeiffer perform a range of stunt bike displays which were all huge crowd pleasers! All in all, I thought the day was huge success and really hope they bring it back again next year. For a free event it was a great opportunity to be able to see F1 cars in motion and a once in a lifetime experience for all our TeamSport Finalists. Congratulations guys, you made all of us here at TeamSport proud!