Jenson Button Won’t be Penalised for Racing Incidents

Stewards Feel That Jenson’s Actions were Justified

13 June 2011

It must be an awful feeling to have your victory stripped away if the stewards decide that an incident involving you was to be determined as unavoidable.

Fortunately for the McLaren driver he can sleep soundly rest-assured with the knowledge that his win stays with him. In what was probably the wettest race we’ve ever seen in Canada Jenson Button stole the show by pressuring Sebastian Vettel into the very last lap and finally forcing his error and taking the advantage presented to finish first. Earlier in the race Jenson and Lewis Hamilton touched during what can only be described as awful track conditions. It was wet, very wet; cars were kicking up more water than a whale at a sealife show. Unfortunately this obscured Jenson’s view of Lewis behind and while Jenson hadn’t altered his racing line from previous laps or indeed the driver in front he managed to sandwich Lewis between him and the wall, completely unintentionally but nonetheless unluckily. The second incident occurred when Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso touched resulting in Fernando Alonso spinning off the track and retiring from the race. So after ending up at the back of the whole pack way down in 21st position and many people trying to pass him but ultimately failing and ending up retiring Button goes on to win the Canadian Grand Prix. I guess the lesson here is, don’t try and overtake Jenson Button, it’s bad luck.