Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton Build F1 Car for Advert

Build your own F1 car, simple.

22 June 2010

Ever tried to build your own F1 car? No? Well it can’t be that hard surely!!

How about leaving it to the professionals, say Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton? In the following clip witness the McLaren pair undertake the fine art that is assembling an F1 car with humorous consequences, never has a beautiful machine looked so ropey. The advert shot for Vodafone, depicts the two formula 1 drivers attempt to put together one of their cars with seemingly little knowledge of where the parts actually live. With a bit of forceful placement and guesswork they eventually manage to get the finished article together and walk away content with their days work. I think it’s safe to say that this particular model won’t be winning any GP’s soon but a sporting effort by the lads. Perhaps they should have started with something a little smaller, a Go-Kart maybe? Building cars isn’t for everyone but racing them sure is, start Karting today and enjoy the thrills and spills of being your own racing hero.