Ferrari Still aiming for 3rd Car on the Grid - Valentino Rossi?!

Go back to 2 Wheels!

22 April 2010

I cant believe the FIA will allow a 3rd car for F1 teams given the current push for economic savings in the sport

, but today we heard that Ferrari are still pushing to get exactly that and they want none other than 2 wheel Legend Valentino Rossi to take the seat! There is no doubt Rossi is one of the best ever, but do we really think he can transfer directly from the top of Moto GP to the top of the F1? It does seem far fetched to me but then again, anyone is better than Massa, right? What i am not happy about is the concept that Rossi can seemingly skip all of the steps that young prospective f1 drivers have to go through to get to have a chance to drive an f1 car. It has long been considered that to become an F1 driver you start in Go Karting, just like Schumacher, Hamilton, Coulthard, Button etc. You then move onto small motorsports working your way up the car ladder to GP3 and then F1 test driver. It now seems that Ferrari think being great on bikes is just as good as being great in a car? Are bike riders better drivers than car drivers? Surly the Car route, with its strong foundation in Karting for all ages, gives them them the edge? I would be very interested to see how this goes for Ferrari. What do you lot think? On a side note it is over 2 weeks till the next Grand Prix, but then they come thick and fast in the European season - i really cant wait! The 3 week breaks between some Grand Prix's really annoys me - I had to go out to Gosport and burn some late night rubber last night just to get my karting fix! (they are running the track in reverse - little tip for you).