Hungarian Grand Prix Preview at Hungaroring

Friday’s practice sessions haven’t been McLaren’s best

30 July 2010

The weather held up nicely for the Hungarian Grand Prix practice sessions this morning

and all the teams and their cars strolled out onto the track to put in their best. The lap record for this track was set by Michael Schumacher in 2004 with 1:19.071, the pace today was of a similar class but still over a second off being that quick. The Red Bull’s dominated the first practice session with Vettel and Webber both out-pacing the field considerably, still it could be speculated that they used a lighter fuel load. Second fastest team out in the pack were Ferrari who’ve seemed to quite swiftly brushed away the last Grand Prix’s controversial win under the rug to focus on this weekend. The results from their first practice left them snuggly behind the Red Bulls but with definite room for improvement. Where were McLaren? Who knows what’s going on in that team at the moment; it all seems like a bit of a hastily prepared decision to try out the rear-blown diffuser again. It still appears that it is causing both Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton some troubles as they both struggled with the car’s balance again. The second practice session this afternoon was a little more interesting, the Red Bull’s and Ferrari’s pushed the pace even faster, with Alonso managing to squeeze some very fast laps in between Webber and Vettel. Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button improved somewhat in the afternoon to bring their fastest laps up to 6th and 9th respectively. The McLaren pair is still being quite easily out-paced though and there’s a strong possibility that they might not even be the 3rd fastest team. I  hope that McLaren can pull something out of the bag for this weekend otherwise it might pose as a great opportunity for the other teams to jump ahead in the standings.