How Long Can Red Bull Last Without KERS in Formula 1?

Can KERS really be the make or break of a champion?

1 February 2011

On Sunday we saw Vettel dominate the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne with almost half a minute to spare

, he also managed to do all of this without the help of the KERS performance boost. The system is supposed to deliver an extra 60hp to the cars on demand for a limited time period, which is on top of the already incredibly powerful cars that they’re using. Given that this system may improve lap times by up to half a second it seriously makes me wonder how Lewis Hamilton just couldn’t keep up with Vettel even though Hamilton had the advantage of using KERS each lap to gain those few precious tenths. It’s not a new system either, it was used in the 2009 season also, to what effect isn’t so measureable but still it goes without saying that they didn’t have to learn how or when to use the system. This can only be concluded as Red Bull Renault having nigh on a perfectly designed car. I applaud them for this but if it is only the car that is providing such amazing times then it can’t be long before the other cars cotton on to what is going on and start following in the same fashion. Will this lead Red Bull to start implementing the KERS box to be able to keep up with what should hopefully be an ever improving field of more and more powerful cars?