Hamilton Speaks Out

"My F1 Future Is Undecided"

7 September 2012

Lewis Hamilton has admitted the direction of his F1 future is unclear following comments made by Eddie Jordan earlier in the week. F1 personality Jordan predicted that Michael Schumacher would leave Mercedes and Lewis would replace him. Hamilton said there is no rush to make a decision and his motivations weren't based on money. He said:

I don’t have a deadline. I want to win. I always want to win, every year you compete, that’s why us drivers exist and that’s why the teams exist. It’s just making sure you’re in the right place to do so.

Meanwhile, a McLaren spokesman said:

We have been told by Lewis Hamilton's management team that the story is untrue. Negotiations between Lewis Hamilton and McLaren continue.

Hamilton's team-mate Jenson Button backs up McLaren's faith that Lewis will remain with the team. He said:

Obviously we all read newspapers and we all read magazines and we all go on the internet, so you hear things. I was surprised to see what I read. I haven't got a clue if there's any truth in it at all. I think I'll have the same team-mate next year - because this is the best choice for him.

It sounds like a few people have spoken a bit prematurely here! I guess its a case of watch this space, possibly for a long time! But rest assured guys, I'm TeamSport for life!